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Dec. 9th, 2018

Yoga rules

And so it goes

It's been a busy weekend but I feel we're in a good place as far as packing goes. Tomorrow I need to do some organizing and cleaning so we can prepare for the final walk through. I don't even remember doing one when we bought this place...

Anyway, I'm a parent, though. And when you're a parent, you are always a parent. Last night was the end of an era. My daughter had called crying and saying how Rosco Kitty seemed to be circling the drain, but I didn't get the gist of how bad off he was. She is prone to melodrama. But mentally he has been coming an going a bit the past couple years and I thought it wouldn't be much longer. Anyway, she called and asked us to come over and we did. It was hard to watch him. He seemed to have had some sort of stroke. So we made the decision as a family, and as a family we drove to the emergency vet clinic open on weekends so we could end his suffering. She got to hold him and John held her, and Jason and I were there for everyone. I got to pet the kitty who was so territorial and crazy about me once upon a time, the cat who saved my daughter many times over, and the cat I went back and forth with over and over for years. Man, he loved Chy so hard for all 17 years. Man, he left us with stories. Man, I'm glad she has three other cats to take care of.

RIP old man. He is in my freezer and tomorrow I have to take his body to be cremated. Because I am Mom. We somehow find the time.
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Dec. 8th, 2018

nac mac feegles


I see the leftover roll of animal print duck tape every single day at least once. Now I have a use for it. A pretty important use.
So of course you're about as likely to find it as I am.

Nov. 30th, 2018


(no subject)

I do love a four-day weekend. The night of that second day off when I realize now the weekend is getting started NEVER gets old. Never.


Found it!

We have made and had our offer accepted, we have already had the inspection, and now it's all about the loan company's work. This house is completed. The inspection, the appraisal, etc. I haven't heard anything about the appraisal so I can assume that's all good. We talked to the loan officer tomorrow and our estimates were all pretty much spot on. A dollar saved here was spent there and vice versa, so we are almost to the penny where we thought we'd be.
It is a house much like the ones I have been pointing out to him for a long time. Conventional wisdom says to buy the best house you can afford because it's an investment. Well that is not what we did. We went back and forth between this house and another one that is fancier looking. At the end of the day, what we wanted was a certain type of space where we could just do our thing. We never have been and never will be those Keeping Up With the Joneses type of people. 

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Nov. 20th, 2018

Yoga rules

Next step

We got kudos for the inspection and having an "older" house in such great shape. Well... Natch. There are some smallish things to do next, but just not much time between that and finding our forever(ish) home. I need to hurry or we will be relegated to an overpriced rental we do not particularly care for. The only reason I'd agree to it is because I can take Miss Piper. I'm not about to leave that dog with anyone. She's still overcoming all her anxiety issues from the life she had before me. No way could I do that to her.

Another consideration is size. For being childless, we need a certain type of space and a certain amount. We're not downsizing - maybe just the opposite. I'm hoping to build his business out of this next home. So we need to be able to do that as well as keeping in mind space for the older folks. I'm really hoping my dad starts coming up during the summers to stay so he can get out of the south Texas heat at its worst as well as get quality time in with his grand daughter before he goes. My nana and grandpa aren't doing so hot, either. If I had my way, we'd all get a big house together but she assures me he's never leaving Chicago alive. Looking back, he always did maintain a home there even when they moved around for work. But still. I'd like them to have my mother henning on a daily basis. These are my most important family members aside from my daughter. Someone should be there to help out with things.

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Oct. 23rd, 2018


Security Theater and other such

Adam Ruins Everything on Netflix is basically a guy running around spouting everything I have said and do say on a regular basis for years, now. For real. He's great and I like the way he words things (so far). I highly recommend.

Oct. 6th, 2018

amazon barbie

(no subject)

"This unchecked power seems to be going to my head. Perhaps you should take some of it back," said No One Ever.

Reach out to people. Make sure they are registered. Make sure they have what they need to register. Make sure they have a ride to the polls. Because we have the power of the vote and we aren't giving ours back, either.

Sep. 15th, 2018

bite the power

I really do try to keep it off of Facebook

But I am so TIRED of reading comments from white people trying to convince other people these fucking shootings have no racial component. Are you kidding me, New Balance guy? Really? Here is the comment I just left somewhere to a guy who wanted us to maintain focus on just "looking at the facts as they stand":

"Looking at the facts as they stand, the police have a history of protecting their own. When the victim is black, they don't even need to make the effort. Most of the time when a black man gets killed in this country someone says they feared for their life and they get acquitted. In 2016 there was actual video of Terence Crutcher stepping out with his hands in the air and officer Betty Shelby shooting him. Not guilty. Witness accounts contradict Guyger's story. I'm guessing from everything said she was either too tired from work or was under the influence of something but her account isn't the same as what witnesses say. However, in the end she is white and police so statistically she doesn't have a lot to worry about. Look up some studies and the actual numbers. One from the U of Colorado showed police were even more likely to shoot blacks in a video simulation. There are hundreds of years of conscious and subconscious racial bias ingrained into this country. Racial minorities make up about 37% of the population but about 67% of the people killed by police. There is absolutely a racial component. Until white people also notice this and have a problem with it, it won't change."

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Aug. 27th, 2018


My Dears

Dear Facebook:

Sometimes I just need to see if a person's comment is sarcastic or if said person is simply a twat. Please stop making it accidentally friend them when I go to look. Or is that my phone? Both of you should work on this.

Dear Men:

If you have ever fallen asleep while she is still up and doing things, and she is still there when you wake up, you can stop testing her. Believe me, if the farting you do in your sleep hasn't put an end to things, she's in it for the long game.

Dear Cynics:

Say what you will about Disney, I love signing (ASL, not autographs) mascots!

Dear Analyst-who-is-new-in-the-department-trying-to-make-a-name:

Give it a god damn rest, already.

Dear Stepmother: 

Love him or leave him. He's not your financial safekeeper.

Dear Real Estate Market:

Send me an angel, send me an angel, right now. Right now.... 

Dear Tomorrow:

You will be better because I will respond differently.

Aug. 24th, 2018

local revolution

I will just leave this here


As bad as it has been throughout the years, I don't think there's ever before been an administration that so highlighted the blatant hypocrisy of the extreme right. And that's saying a lot, I do realize. I have voiced issues I have with certain segments of the left and with the Democrats in Congress before, but this refusal to own amd direct the conversation is just too damn much. Do you people just not like winning? The people supporting Trump and refusing to face the reality of the situation this country is in are a little worrisome to me. Someone isn't right simply by being part of the political party you vote for. Best believe if he was working as an overnight stocker at Walmart only grossing 26k a year his party would be lecturing all kinds of personal accountability.
We got the administration we deserve. Pay attention people. They are supposed to be working for us, not trying to cash in while they can before all the resources run out.

Aug. 7th, 2018


In case you were wondering

Yes Bubba Joe Bob, a lot of high schools are prohibiting kids from wearing US flags. Because https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/4/8 respect for the flag has actually been a "thing" in this country. Since before 9/11, even. I find it ironic that these cousin-kissing fucktards rant and rave about respecting our flag but can't be bothered to learn how to actually treat it. Or that they get their nuts in an uproar over any trivial thing that their narrow little minds construe as anti-patriotic. And yet you tell them the president of the United States is potentially guilty of treason and suddenly motherfuckers want to learn Russian.

I really try to meet people with basic respect because we're both human and (presumably) want what's best for our country. We just have different ideas of how to get there. Right? Right?!!?? I have posted that there link on no less than 6 people's posts about it today. And that was just on my newsfeed. I spent all of about 10 minutes even looking at FB.
People don't even want to know they're wrong. The last time I put a (different) link to one person's rants and raves that proved absolutely and completely that she was wrong she deleted it so I unfriended the stupid cow. Because enough already. I have snoozed, unfollowed and now all the unfriending begins. It is time to rock the boat.

We are caging the wrong people.

Jun. 10th, 2018

zero fox

Religion and crime

Someone tried to tell me a story today about something Muslims are doing to animals in London. I cut it short explaining that I am still recovering from something kids did to a dog not long ago here in the states.

I think there should be some kind of decree that any time someone breaks the law, commits a heinous act, or is just infamously stupid that the news report what religion the person is affiliated with. Or whether they aren't at all. I think that would be break-the-internet interesting.

In Florida alone — according to the almighty Google, 40% of Floridians consider themselves Christian. Out of those, about 14% are Catholic, 7% are other Christian, .69% are Jewish, and .89% affiliate with Islam. So less than 1% of Floridians are Muslim. And yet Florida Man is a meme. But some of us already knew Florida Man was a white, probably Christian male. Because if he were anything other, you better believe the media would have told us by now.

Jun. 9th, 2018


Sens8 Series finale

Only one thing this late in the moving game could make me procrastinate, and it was released at just the right time of the month. I am wrecked.

May. 13th, 2018


Happy Mother's Day to me

The doggos went potty then wanted to go directly back to bed with their daddy. My daughter is at Northern Invasion (really that should have been my Mother's Day gift, but I get it, they work for their money). Anyway. I am sitting here, with time on my hands, just going through files and drinking coffee.

I forgot how nice it can be to just do nothing. Once we get moved,  I will try to fit doing nothing in at least every other week or so.

May. 12th, 2018

amazon barbie

Obectivity is hard close up

But today someone came to get my older bookshelves. I had posted them on Craigslist as in great shape but I just didn't want to move them, so she asked if I was moving. I told her my plans this week and how I'd taken off work so I could get the house ready for an assessment and a listing. It turns out she just moved to town with her family. She repeated what I'd already heard about the housing market being hot around here. She says, "Oh, you'll definitely get your asking price." I told her I didn't even know what we could get, yet. She told me probably my asking price and possibly another bid at a little higher. Whoo! Good to hear! If I don't end up having to have something built on some land, I do hope I have at least one cool neighbor with a dog who can come over for play dates while I work in the yard or crochet on the deck. I can't wait to move....

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