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big red

This deserves to stay public


Although let's be brutally honest for just a moment. This is a motherfucker whose daddy gave him all he wanted his whole life. He got into Stanford, he pretty much got out of a rape charge, and when he leaves college, it will be to the kind of job you can only get from graduating Stanford. He can be a successful businessman, probably dropping rufies in his female coworkers' drinks and fucking them behind dumpsters or in the back of his Beemer.
Until everyone is outraged by this kind of thing, nothing is going to get changed. Those "good Christian" fathers who care about nothing more than the sacredness of their daughters' virginities need to be realizing it could also happen to their little princesses and step up to bat. These "good Christian" Samaritans who are all up in arms about trans women being able to use women's bathrooms because they fear for the safety of their wives, girlfriends, sisters, and daughters need to step up to bat. And should you come up on a white guy from a good school raping someone behind a dumpster, whether drunk or sober, awake or unconscious, you should probably get real and just step up with a bat.