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Gather around children, let's talk about your friend Jill

Are you thinking of voting for Jill Stein? I mean, sure, even she knows there isn't the smallest chance she will win. She's not even going to be on all of the states' ballots. But you want to send a message to the establishment, right? So let's talk about that message for a minute.
Basically, if you want to not have to read this entire post, you can stop here with the short version: The message you're sending is that you can't be bothered to educate yourself and you just want people around who agree with your emotions and are not to be taken too seriously, only pandered to. Why do I say this? Partly because you're wrong about Clinton, which I will do a separate post about, and partly because you are wrong about Jill Stein, which is what this post is about.
Now the explainer part:
I'm not anti-Stein simply because I am anti-Trump. By now I hope all rational-minded adults see him for what he is and don't like the idea of a reality tv star and con man leading the country. He's racist, mysoginistic, homophobic, and promotes violence, so maybe we want to think about who he actually wants to represent in this country. He lacks any and all of the important legal and/or political experience. Which brings me to Jill Stein. Stein has the leisure of getting in front of news cameras and riling up the pissed off Sanders supporters with all sorts of great talks, because she knows she will absolutely not win the election and have to back up any of it. In fact, while she will say something I agree with now and then, she is mainly talking out of her ass because she has never held an elective office, not ever. She has no idea how to try and commandeer her way through all of the multiple conflicting interests while navigating her way through emergent issues, ever-changing priorities, global needs, and roughly half the country being angry with her and not actually knowing why. She has had no trial by fire, only supporters following her around and taking cutesie selfies on social media. There is no domestic or foreign policy experience in her personal history. Environmental activist, you say? Then why is she anti-nuclear power? She can't be bothered to educate herself on more than one issue, either, I guess. Feminist activist, you say? Then why is she trying to throw the election against someone who has literally dedicated the majority of her adult life to feminist ideals and principles? Stein hasn't had to balance anything on nearly the scale of a presidency. So why do you think voting for her is a good idea? What are you telling the country? Here's what I think about your vote for Jill Stein: It is to this election what those stupid middle finger pictures are to social media. You are telling the world you care more about not getting your way than you do ANY of the issues. Please stop with the sideways ball caps.
I will not tell you to not vote. I will not tell you to just stay home. Although, if you are that ignorant about the issues, it's definitely a good idea to spend some time at home getting educated. This isn't about winning an argument on Facebook. This isn't even about just our country's leadership, anymore. This is quickly becoming a global issue because we have some things we need to do as a species. We are facing some tough questions and choices, and we need someone who is (at the very least!) familiar with what those are.
Way back when the choice was Clinton v. Obama, I was in Obama's corner all the way. Never because I found Hillary unfit for the job or in any way unqualified. I just knew her chances at that time were terrible, and that Obama was the bringer of hope. People in my daughter's generation don't even know why they don't trust her, because the right has been after her since before they were born. She was a "feminazi" and a liberal pariah, according to the right (seemingly) forever. I think as they realized how much of a contender she was and how the political climate was changing, some brilliant marketing mind came up with the whole bought and owned "conservative-lite" label. But I digress. I knew way back when Obama could actually win. And since he's won, we have seen universal health care (which she has been championing since before her first stint living in the White House and looks to improve upon), some states legalizing marijuana, legalization of gay marriage, and a host of other changes she at some point down the line has had a hand in pushing through. Now is her time. She can do this. We're ready, and so is she.
If you truly want to change the system, start locally. Because those elections are happening, too. My own community is faced with some huge changes that can potentially make or break us as a town. That's where you start, though, and that's where the changes begin.
You already know Jill Stein can't win this election. Letting Trump have the office is a mistake the entire wold could end up paying for. So at least please think about what you are actually doing.


She's anti vaccine and anti science. If that's not enough to turn people off idk what might be.
She really comes off as an opportunist to me. She's trying to say what she thinks these Sanders supporters want to hear. I think people who are voting third party are just delusional. Gary Johnson is definitely not the answer, either. I just don't get it. It's not just about voting the lesser of two evils - to me she is truly the best candidate. Regardless of bad pictures on Facebook memes. We've spent millions of dollars not proving her guilty of anything, but somehow she is not to be trusted and we should throw away her presidency on Jill Stein? Ridiculous.

Edited at 2016-10-09 05:40 pm (UTC)
I'm voting for Hillary Clinton, not merely against Donald Trump. She's by far the only rational candidate on the ballot.