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long haired radical

Donate your parkas to Hell, people, I am agreeing with all kinds of Republicans

“The G.O.P., in putting Trump at the top of the ticket, is endorsing a brand of populism rooted in ignorance, prejudice, fear and isolationism.”
Henry M. Paulson Jr.
Treasury secretary under President George W. Bush

More than 100 Republican national security leaders, including Michael Chertoff, Kenneth Adelmen, James Glassman, and Frances Townsend signed a letter in March saying they could not support a party ticket with Trump on it. The Republicans nominated Trump, anyway. Some of these same people were part of the group of 50 senior national security officials from Republican administrations who signed a letter declaring that Mr. Trump would put the country’s security at risk. Some of those names you may recognize are Negroponte, Hayden, and Waxman. Will Hurd of Texas is one of the many who called for Trump to step down. Texas! That's bad, y'all. Real bad. Kay Granger of Texas has withdrawn support as well.

So then, WHY is the media making tonight's debate all about the women who showed up for a press conference with the Donald? Is this 8th grade?
For the record, and yes, it is on record - more than one, Hillary Clinton tried to get out of representing a child rapist when she worked legal aid. She had to do her job. She did it. She showed that under duress and even when repulsed, she is capable of Getting.Shit.Done. She did not laugh at the girl later, no matter what Facebook or the Donald have told you. Every single thing has been presented out of context. And the last time I checked, Bill wasn't the Clinton running for office. Also, why is my Facebook feed full of idiots comparing bragging about being able to sexually assault women with reading Shades of Gray? If you're going to be belligerant and proud of your ignorance, then yes, that makes you a bonafied moron.
You think he will protect America? You think he will make the right economic decisions for America? No, you want to "turn things around" and get it back to the way it used to be. You know, when instead of asking to be allowed at the table and treated like human citizens blacks had to drink from separate water fountains and enter through the back and the best hope for a woman's future was to stay married to someone who could support her. And don't make me talk about how gays had it.
I know I said I wouldn't denigrate Trump supporters, and I'm sticking by that. I don't have to. They do it themselves every time they open their mouths to spew support for that vile blathering turdbag narcissist.


I agree with everything here except it is super important to not refer to any woman who is reporting being a victim of rape as "those broads". Please.
I hear you. I am going to edit that. I know when Paula Jones came out and people on the left were had said some things I took offense to, and am not wanting to go down that route myself.
But that is also what makes this most infuriating. It's absolutely what he's after. He feels that what he is doing is untouchable, and it isn't. He wants to point out some sort of hypocrisy by making a circus of someone else's past as a distraction. It's immature and should be beneath someone running for president. Should be. And if we stopped to point out all the hypocrisy in this election year, no one would have time to vote.
Thank you.

And yeah, there are horrors on both sides, but I think Trump tends to forget that Bill and Hillary Clinton are not actually the same person. FFS.

I'm a huge fan of Michelle Obama's quote- "they go low, we go high." I miss the high road taking, man.