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bite the power

Small great things have so much power...

Wow. I usually roll my eyes when I read reviews calling a book important. It just seems so pretentious. But the various things I've read really intrigued me, and I am so glad I read it. We can say what we like about the ending feeling contrived or too tidy. People will no doubt criticize Picoult for assuming the voice of a black character. I wouldn't ordinarily jump to someone's defense for that, but this book is really ballsy, I think. And I see where she was going with it. She's not here to be the savior of blacks, she is writing to people like herself. Because racism doesn't just belong to blacks. Of course we can't speak to their experiences. That's not what I mean. But racism is our history. Mine, yours, our country's. Say it isn't your fault all day, but you still participate. You still reap rewards you aren't even aware of. Read not just this book, but also the author's note. I only worry she is preaching to the choir and those "slightly racist" aunts we all have will be too uncomfortable to read.

I have read a lot of reviews who criticize her for including so much of Turk's point of view. They didn't feel it was necessary, but I completely disagree. Showing the human side of his character is very important. Know thine enemy and all that.... But seriously, don't kid yourselves. Ignoring them obviously will not make them go away. Look at our presidential election aftermath.
I think this book is a good place to start some important conversations. Hopefully not just with the people who look like we do, but it's still a great start.

And personally, at the risk of kind of spoiling things, I needed this ending. Lately so much of the world and particularly our country seems to be taking the crazy out for celebration. I feel the horror may just be warming up. Pay attention. You can't have ignorance without ignore.


Just when I thought you weren't doing x-mas cards this year, I got yours. Thank you, they are always welcome! :D
I wanted to do more, but this remodel...Happy holidays!
You need never do more, just keep being your awesome self!