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local revolution


http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/dick-cheney-donald-trump-muslim-ban-extreme Cheney has spoken out against Trump's ban on Muslims. That was somewhat surprising to me. Not surprised at all that he mentions coming from Puritans. Heh.
What I do want people to talk more about is the ban itself. Why doesn't the ban include countries Trump has a business interest in? Are we pretending there isn't a conflict of interest having a rich business man running things? Is the fact that when his presidency is over he faces his biggest profits ever really not important?




We are on opposite planet when I am joining a resistance movement which includes Dick Fucker Cheney.
I know! It was surreal to see the headline! In a Cheney world, you would never ban Muslims. You'd just bomb other Muslims.
Still. You KNOW you are too far to the right when Dick Cheney calls you on it.