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calvin and hobbes

Celebrate celebrate dance to the music

So long Papa Bear, you absolute piece of shit. The damage he has done to this country not just by appealing to the ignorant and the bigots but by opening the door for more garbage to spew forth is not even estimable anymore.
I don't know enough about the exact allegations. So I can't help but wonder (and feel free to tell me if you know) if he would have been fired had the NY Times not looked into it and found that Fox has schilled out over $13 million to five different women due to O'Reilly's conduct. $13 million, five women. How many times has he bashed the Clintons over Bill's affairs and accused them of something far more sinister? So I don't know if this firing was already in the works or if the Times helped things along.
Oh, another trip down memory lane: Does anyone remember when Captain Falafel lost custody of his children for beating their mom? It turns out that dragging your wife down the stairs by her throat is frowned upon in our liberal and pussy-fied society.
All I know is this could be the beginning of something wonderful for our country. If it's not too late already.