Someone posted a link to this on Facebook. I can't find it now to credit that person, but I am guessing it is someone from the LJ crew. Anyway, thanks.

I think it's an important article. It's easy to blame poor people for their issues. Especially when they seem to make the same mistakes over and over. It's easy to blame addicts for being addicts. It's easy to blame depression on the depressed. It's just easy to blame the victims. 

That is, if you've never been there or just can't relate. And if you're blaming them, please don't try to convince me you've been there. Because I have, and although I still marvel at how far I have been able to go, I won't ever forget where I came from or some of the people I left behind there. Generations of not mattering has a way of getting inside you. There is a cause and effect.  I was lucky enough to not just have a high IQ, but also to be gifted with purpose and someone out there I wanted to make proud. This essay about his mother who wasn't trash is just one of many stories. Appalachia is just one of many places feeling it. 

We might drive newer cars or live in a nicer area. We might have a pension and a health plan. But that doesn't make us better or more deserving of a good life than they are. It sure as heck doesn't guarantee us anything. J's mom is finding that out firsthand when all the hard work she's put in over the years caused an injury and now she is having to fight just to get a decent wage from workman's comp. There are so many things a good chunk of us get to take for granted we can't even relate to the real struggles out there. Those hashtags for whitepeopleproblems or firstworldproblems make us chortle when we see them on social media, but there really is a struggle out there, and it's not funny. A chain (or wall) is only as strong as its weakest link. Please remember that and vote. Locally and statewide, not just in federal elections. Get involved. There's more all of us can do.


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