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Meming to get writing again

51: think of a person. What song do you associate with them?

This is a tough one. Usually if a song reminds me of a person, then many songs remind me of that person. Then I can spend way too long trying to figure out which one to choose or which one should be THE song. But I know a lot of times when I think of my daughter, I think of Sinead O'Connor's version of Silent Night. When she was a baby and would get sick or have an ear infection, Sinead could calm her like no other.

52: What are your favorite memes of the year so far?

There have been some pretty funny anti-Trump memes. Funny but not.... There is another meme regarding songs I think I'll like. But honestly, I don't spend much time on the internet by the time I get home at night. It's all commuting and dogs at the moment. I'll do better once we move.

53: have you ever watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Heathers?Beetlejuice? Pulp Fiction? What do you think of them?

We used to go see Rocky Horror in Houston fairly often. Good times! The other three movies are classics, though I've probably watched Pulp Fiction the least out of them. I'm not as into violence in movies.

54: Who's the last person you saw with a true look of sadness on their face?

There's been all too much of that lately. 

55: What's the most dramatic thing you've ever done to prove a point?

Walked away from a toxic job. By "walk" I mean serious flair, too. Heh. One in high school and two as a grown up. The last one was a doozy, though, and I can't see myself in that position ever again.

56: What are some things you find endearing in people?

There are certain quirks or certain types of geekiness that get me. People who are genuinely trying to do the right thing, not just leave marks. People who are living mindfully and simply and not just trying to seek attention.

57: Go listen to Bohemian Rhapsody. How did it make you feel? Did you dramatically reenact the lyrics?

I'll be very honest with you. I Know it's not the popular opinion, but I'm kind of over that song.

58: who's the wine mom and who's the vodka aunt in your group of friends?

I am wine mom, formerly vodka mom. My friend Becky is probably vodka mom. She has some great recipes.

59: what's your favorite myth?

I love myths. You can't beat the weirdness. But they are a wealth of entertainment as well as being very useful in studying psychology, sociology, philosophy, and even evolution. I can't think of one favorite, though.

60: do you like poetry? what are some of your faves?

I do like poetry, but I can't say I have a favourite poet.  Favorite poems change according to my moods. Today is a good day for Alone by Maya Angelou or A Time to Talk by Robert Frost. Or even I Love You by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Honestly, I'm glad this question is here. I think we should all read more poetry, and that's just what I am going to do.