Obectivity is hard close up

But today someone came to get my older bookshelves. I had posted them on Craigslist as in great shape but I just didn't want to move them, so she asked if I was moving. I told her my plans this week and how I'd taken off work so I could get the house ready for an assessment and a listing. It turns out she just moved to town with her family. She repeated what I'd already heard about the housing market being hot around here. She says, "Oh, you'll definitely get your asking price." I told her I didn't even know what we could get, yet. She told me probably my asking price and possibly another bid at a little higher. Whoo! Good to hear! If I don't end up having to have something built on some land, I do hope I have at least one cool neighbor with a dog who can come over for play dates while I work in the yard or crochet on the deck. I can't wait to move....


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