Religion and crime

Someone tried to tell me a story today about something Muslims are doing to animals in London. I cut it short explaining that I am still recovering from something kids did to a dog not long ago here in the states.

I think there should be some kind of decree that any time someone breaks the law, commits a heinous act, or is just infamously stupid that the news report what religion the person is affiliated with. Or whether they aren't at all. I think that would be break-the-internet interesting.

In Florida alone — according to the almighty Google, 40% of Floridians consider themselves Christian. Out of those, about 14% are Catholic, 7% are other Christian, .69% are Jewish, and .89% affiliate with Islam. So less than 1% of Floridians are Muslim. And yet Florida Man is a meme. But some of us already knew Florida Man was a white, probably Christian male. Because if he were anything other, you better believe the media would have told us by now.


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