In case you were wondering

Yes Bubba Joe Bob, a lot of high schools are prohibiting kids from wearing US flags. Because respect for the flag has actually been a "thing" in this country. Since before 9/11, even. I find it ironic that these cousin-kissing fucktards rant and rave about respecting our flag but can't be bothered to learn how to actually treat it. Or that they get their nuts in an uproar over any trivial thing that their narrow little minds construe as anti-patriotic. And yet you tell them the president of the United States is potentially guilty of treason and suddenly motherfuckers want to learn Russian.

I really try to meet people with basic respect because we're both human and (presumably) want what's best for our country. We just have different ideas of how to get there. Right? Right?!!?? I have posted that there link on no less than 6 people's posts about it today. And that was just on my newsfeed. I spent all of about 10 minutes even looking at FB.
People don't even want to know they're wrong. The last time I put a (different) link to one person's rants and raves that proved absolutely and completely that she was wrong she deleted it so I unfriended the stupid cow. Because enough already. I have snoozed, unfollowed and now all the unfriending begins. It is time to rock the boat.

We are caging the wrong people.


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