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local revolution

I will just leave this here


As bad as it has been throughout the years, I don't think there's ever before been an administration that so highlighted the blatant hypocrisy of the extreme right. And that's saying a lot, I do realize. I have voiced issues I have with certain segments of the left and with the Democrats in Congress before, but this refusal to own amd direct the conversation is just too damn much. Do you people just not like winning? The people supporting Trump and refusing to face the reality of the situation this country is in are a little worrisome to me. Someone isn't right simply by being part of the political party you vote for. Best believe if he was working as an overnight stocker at Walmart only grossing 26k a year his party would be lecturing all kinds of personal accountability.
We got the administration we deserve. Pay attention people. They are supposed to be working for us, not trying to cash in while they can before all the resources run out.