Next step

We got kudos for the inspection and having an "older" house in such great shape. Well... Natch. There are some smallish things to do next, but just not much time between that and finding our forever(ish) home. I need to hurry or we will be relegated to an overpriced rental we do not particularly care for. The only reason I'd agree to it is because I can take Miss Piper. I'm not about to leave that dog with anyone. She's still overcoming all her anxiety issues from the life she had before me. No way could I do that to her.

Another consideration is size. For being childless, we need a certain type of space and a certain amount. We're not downsizing - maybe just the opposite. I'm hoping to build his business out of this next home. So we need to be able to do that as well as keeping in mind space for the older folks. I'm really hoping my dad starts coming up during the summers to stay so he can get out of the south Texas heat at its worst as well as get quality time in with his grand daughter before he goes. My nana and grandpa aren't doing so hot, either. If I had my way, we'd all get a big house together but she assures me he's never leaving Chicago alive. Looking back, he always did maintain a home there even when they moved around for work. But still. I'd like them to have my mother henning on a daily basis. These are my most important family members aside from my daughter. Someone should be there to help out with things.

So I'm trying to stay clear in my intention and not have a panic attack. It'd be great if I had more than two minutes alone each day to meditate on it... Send good vibes for all of us.


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