Found it!

We have made and had our offer accepted, we have already had the inspection, and now it's all about the loan company's work. This house is completed. The inspection, the appraisal, etc. I haven't heard anything about the appraisal so I can assume that's all good. We talked to the loan officer tomorrow and our estimates were all pretty much spot on. A dollar saved here was spent there and vice versa, so we are almost to the penny where we thought we'd be.
It is a house much like the ones I have been pointing out to him for a long time. Conventional wisdom says to buy the best house you can afford because it's an investment. Well that is not what we did. We went back and forth between this house and another one that is fancier looking. At the end of the day, what we wanted was a certain type of space where we could just do our thing. We never have been and never will be those Keeping Up With the Joneses type of people. 

The space is used better there and the actual rooms (like my gym and sewing rooms) were bigger than in the newer construction. The lot is a tad smaller than what we have now, but is fenced and doesn't look like a forest so I can do more with it. I will have an edible landscape and the trees I grow will bear fruit, not just leaves to mulch. Pretty much all the ducks are in a row and it should be smooth sailing. I will gain 7 1/2 hours a week back minimum, I'll drive less than half the miles I do now, and I can't wait to rest. But also to do all the crafts and sewing I've been putting off as well as the remodeling we're dying to get started on. The house is in pristine condition. New front door and windows and siding, newer mechanicals, appliances, etc. So we get to focus on what we want to do and don't NEED to do anything, unlike this place. And we have so many ideas! I am just really excited. It looks like the simple cottage I originally wanted but is actually bigger with more storage than we have now. So we're both happy with it. 

Except today I have to clean out the shed. I procrastinated so the sun would be out and it'd be warmer. Welp, it's 29. I guess I better get cracking before it goes cold again.


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