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Yoga rules

And so it goes

It's been a busy weekend but I feel we're in a good place as far as packing goes. Tomorrow I need to do some organizing and cleaning so we can prepare for the final walk through. I don't even remember doing one when we bought this place...

Anyway, I'm a parent, though. And when you're a parent, you are always a parent. Last night was the end of an era. My daughter had called crying and saying how Rosco Kitty seemed to be circling the drain, but I didn't get the gist of how bad off he was. She is prone to melodrama. But mentally he has been coming an going a bit the past couple years and I thought it wouldn't be much longer. Anyway, she called and asked us to come over and we did. It was hard to watch him. He seemed to have had some sort of stroke. So we made the decision as a family, and as a family we drove to the emergency vet clinic open on weekends so we could end his suffering. She got to hold him and John held her, and Jason and I were there for everyone. I got to pet the kitty who was so territorial and crazy about me once upon a time, the cat who saved my daughter many times over, and the cat I went back and forth with over and over for years. Man, he loved Chy so hard for all 17 years. Man, he left us with stories. Man, I'm glad she has three other cats to take care of.

RIP old man. He is in my freezer and tomorrow I have to take his body to be cremated. Because I am Mom. We somehow find the time.

Despite it all, though, this was a productive weekend. Dad-in-law came and got my trailer and composter and is keeping them for us until we're ready to go get them. It was also a real blessing because puppers have been a little bored watching all this and not having weekends that revolved around them. But Piper sure loves her some Grandpa. The shed is completely cleaned out and the garage should be finished tomorrow or Tuesday. There isn't a top shelf anywhere that still has items on it, and I have boxed up SO MUCH. If I won't use it or wear it before the 20th, into a box it goes. The only reason I'm typing this now is that I need to go get more boxes.

Still dealing with this nasty ear infection, though. I ran out of antibiotics yesterday without changing a thing in my ear. I started my own holistic treatments today, though, and it's back to tingling and sometimes popping. Is that good? At least it is a change. We'll see if I can't get her draining in the next day or two. This week is going to be Peak Crazy. Then hopefully in two weeks things get calmer and keep getting calmer and I have my new life. That is exciting.


I'm sorry. We lost our 22 year old family cat last year and it did indeed feel like the end of an era. She spent her last years with my youngest daughter, who had loved Kitty since she joined our family when daughter was 8 years old.
Aww. The relationships they develop in that time are so special and sweet. I really would have liked him to last that long.
I’m sorry. He’s a beautiful boy and you did right by him.
I truly hope so. He was in too bad a shape for any kind of treatment. I'm always wondering what else I could do, though. It's my nature.
Oh, I'm so sorry! What a beautiful cat. It's so hard to know when to end their suffering. Hugs to all of you.

(Belated, I've been hibernating.)
Thanks! Hibernation can be good, too.