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“Leaders are born with an innate talent to question conventional wisdom.”

i'm not like the girls that you've known

You don't even remember how we lost touch
10 July
"Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else."-Gloria Steinem

"I believe one writes because one has to create a world in which one can live. ~Anais Nin

Here is where I'm supposed to put some sort of engrossing lead sentence to grab your attention and make you want to be my friend. I'd like to sound super witty and clever, but I'm a real person and this is a real journal. Even if it's on the internet. And sometimes I'm boring. Not often, but sometimes. However, I do usually keep the more interesting entries friends only. I'm passionate, sometimes outspoken, and often blunt. I am enjoying my journey through life and working on keeping ego out of it. It may be a good idea if you do, too. You don't always have to agree, that's fine. But you do have to be adult enough to disagree respectfully. It also helps to really know what you're talking about inside and out. Nothing personal, I just refuse to argue with emotional outbursts.
There is adult content and I don't just mean swearing, but there is also a lot about my creative pursuits. Writing, sewing, topiary and gardening, even food decorating. Anything I can create or recreate and reuse.
I question everything, but the question I seem to ask the most is, "Why not?"
Also, this journal is not to be taken and used anywhere else. I sometimes submit writings to magazines, and I will not tolerate someone else using my ideas and stories. That is one of the reasons most of it is on lock, now. Thanks for understanding.

I am co-moderator at amazing_ink. If you are into ink, you will be into that community!

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